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Located on the southern tip of the Island, Sanya stands between 18< 09'and 18< 37' latitude almost the same as Hawaii. Situated in the center of Southeast Asia, Sanya is a highly convenient place for exchange with countries in Southeast Asia. It is also an important sea route connecting China with Southwest Asia, Africa and Europe. The are of Sanya is about 1,919 square kilometers, 91.6 kilometers long from the east to the west, and 51.2kilometers wide from the north to the south. It lies in the southern valley of the Wuzi Mountain range, and stretches from the higher north to the lower south. With a coastline of 209.1 kilometers, it has 10 islets and 19 harbors. Among them, the West Daimaozhou islet is the biggest of all, on which there are nearly two big harbors, and the Sanya harbor has now become an important port of entry-and exit for deluxe passengers ships and for trade with foreign countries.

More than 20 nationalities, including Han, Li, Miao, and Hui, inhabit the city. There are altogether more than 456.000 people, among them 130.000 are registered for permanent residence. Languages used here are dialects of Hainan, Junhua, Maihua, and Lihua Danjiahua, besides Putonghua, the common language in China.


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 please dail 110


There are direct flights to Sanya from Haikou (less than one hour) and most major Chinese cities including Beijing (5 to 6 hours), Shanghai (4 hours), Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong(1 hour). Phoenix Airport is 15km northwest of the city center. There is currently no airport bus but a taxi should not cost more than RMB40.

Railway station 

Bus station

Air-conditioned buses go from Haikou to Sanya every hour and take between three to four hours. The cost is approximately RMB80. The main bus station in Sanya is at the northern end of Jiefang Lu. Buses from Tongzha and Lingshui pull up around the intersection of Jiefang Lu and Gangmen Lu.

city transport

The various beaches and sights in Sanya are a fair distance apart. The easiest way to reach destinations here is by taxi or to hire a driver. Out of season, this costs approximately RMB200 per day and during peak season this can shoot up to RMB300. However, there are cheaper options and public minibuses run from the city center to most of the beaches. To hire a minibus for the day (carrying about 10 people) costs about RMB400-500 per day, although this is negotiable.

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