1 Sifang Jie Local $ Address: Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5181508

Bridge Cafe Chinese & Western $ Address: 52, Sifang Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5129951

Delta Cafe Chinese & Western $ Address: 5, Cuiwen Road, Xinhua Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5175382

Gucheng Restaurant Local $$ Address: Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5181818

Jane Eyre Cafe Chinese & Western $ Address: Jishan Road, Lijiang

Lamu's Tibetan Cafe Tibetan $ Address: Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone: 126-0008380

Mamafu's Cafe Chinese & Western $$ Address: 75, Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5122285

Old Market Cafe Chinese & Western $ Address: Sifang Street near Xinhua Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5129494

Prague Chinese & Western $ Address: Xinyi Street, Lijiang

Qinyun Naxi Specialty Restaurant Local $ Address: Xinhua Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5189591

Sakura Cafe Japanese $$ Address: Xinhua Street near Sifang Street, Lijiang

Sun Room Cafe Chinese & Western $ Address: 52, Mishi Road, Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone: 0888-5187605

Well Bistro Chinese & Western $ Address: Xinyi Street, Lijiang


Lijiang has long been an important stop along the legendary Tea-Horse Trading Route which connects Kunming with Tibet and even further into India. The unique location of the city has made it a meeting point for traders and a distribution point for merchandise from different parts of China and abroad.
For several hundred years, Sifang Jie Square has been the major market here. Today, the Square is still the best place for buying exotic local specialties, the most famous being bronze ware.The small streets in the ancient town are also clustered with all kinds of shops and boutiques where you can pick up some interesting nik naks.


House of Lumu's Tibet Address:Xinyi Street, LijiangTelephone:126-0008380

Sun Room Cafe Address:52, Lishi Road, Xinyi Street, Lijiang

Prague Address:Xinyi Street, Lijiang

Dongba Palace Address:Dongdajie, Lijiang

Jane Eyre Cafe Address:Jishan Road, Lijiang

Well Bistro Address:Xinyi Street, Lijiang

Old Market Cafe Address:Sifang Street near Xinhua Street, LijiangTelephone:0888-5129494

Naxi Anciet Music Institute Address:Dongdajie, LijiangTelephone:0888-5125732

Bridge Cafe Address:52, Sifang Street, LijiangTelephone:0888-5129951