Lijiang Introduction

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 Post office  Railway station  Shopping
 Hospital  Bus station  entertainment
 Police Station  City transport  

 Lijiang abounds in water resources. The Jinsha River winds its way through this area for 447 km. Lijiang is also rich in flora and fauna with over 20 virgin forests, over 800 species of medical plant, almost 3000 species of seed plant, and over 20 species of animal.
The nicest aspect of life in Lijiang however, is the feeling that this was, and in many respects still is, a vitally important historical center.. Although tourism has taken over the town, the effects of this have not really been too detrimental and the wealth of historical treasures here is incredibly rich. The locals are also very friendly, welcoming visitors to their city, allowing outsiders to get a unique glimpse of an intriguing and rich ancient culture.


Post office:


Police Station:

  please dail 110


Railway station 

Bus station

city transport

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