Hangzhou Introduction

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   Historically as one of seven famous ancient capital cities in China, Hangzhou is a major destination of tourism and ancient civilization. Its 2,200 years of history from the Qin Dynasty witnessed Hangzhou as capital of the nation both in the Dynasties of Wu Dai and South Song. Today, Hangzhou is the provincial capital and the center of politics, economy, culture and tourism in Zhejiang province. Covering an area of about 16,596 square kilometers, Hangzhou has the population of 6,114,000. of which the city proper covers 683 square kilometers with a population of 1,719,000.  Famous for its scenic beauty, Hangzhou is regarded as ^Paradise On Earth ̄. A well-known Italian traveler Marco Polo once praised Hangzhou as the most beautiful and splendid city in the world. Hangzhou has two national scenic regions: the West Lake, and Fuchun River-Xinan River-Thousand Islands Lake. In addition there is the ^world wonder ̄ of Qiantang River Tide, and five national forest parks: the Qiandao Lake, Daqi Mountain, Wuchao Mountain, Fuchun River, Qingshan Lake; two national natural resorts: Tianmu Mountain, Qingliang Peak. Zhijiang National Tourism Holiday Resort is also located in Hangzhou.


Agricultural Bank of China Hangzhou Branch
454 Tiyuchang Lu
Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch
153 Jiefang Lu
Bank of China Zhejiang Branch
320 Yanan Bei Lu
Bank of Communications Hangzhou Branch
608 Qingchun Lu
Industrial & Commmercial Hangzhou Branch
273 Zhongshan Zhong Lu

  Industrial & Commmercial Zhejiang Branch
150 Zhonghe Zhong Lu
People's Bank of China Hangzhou Ofc
161 Zhonghe Zhong Lu
People's Bank of China Zhejiang Branch
153 Jiefang Lu
People's Construction Bank of China Hangzhou Branch
588 Tiyuchang Lu
Standard Chartered Bank Hangzhou Rep Ofc [FC]
Rm 2021, Hangzhou Bldg, 1 Wulin Square

Post office:

Shangtang Road,Gongchenqiao, Hangzhou Post office
20,Wenshan Road,Hangzhou Post office
147,Qingchun Road,Post office
North to the eastern railway station Square,Hangzhou Post office
Jichang Road,Jianqiao Post office
Moganshan Road,Guanyinqiao,Hangzhou Post office
Dapu Road,Puyan,Hangzhou Post office
474,Wenhui Road,Hangzhou Post office
4,Xiaotaerxiang, Hangzhou Post office


Police Station:

  please dail 110


Railway station 

Bus station

city transport

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